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Scrivener Fall-out (NOT a falling out)

Anybody who’s remotely paying attention should know that I love Scrivener. I’m near evangelical about its virtues for everything from novel-writing to blog-touring to academic blah organizing. (Yes, my academic blahs need to be organized.)

But there’s something that … Read more


Two technology-related gripes (A RANT)

I have two complaints to file today. These have been simmering–no, festering–for weeks, and it’s time I said something.

(1) Reading on my iPad is NOT, NOT, NOT the f***ing same. Don’t get me wrong, as a writer and PhD … Read more


Stop Dreaming and Start Scrivener-ing

You know how sometimes you fantasize about this perfect tool that will make a really hard job magically more manageable? And how most of the time that fantasy remains, well, just a fantasy?

Well, here’s good news for writer types … Read more


Experts Trump the Internet. I Swear.

I like a short cut as well as anyone else, but sometimes–especially when it comes to research for writing–the Internet can’t deliver the details you can get from an expert.

The Internet is great for a quick fact check, but … Read more


Channel your inner engineer and liberate your library: DIY book scanner

Here’s what happens if you’re me and you wish you could digitize the essentials of your personal library and take it with you for your year in Paris: you mope around saying things like, “Man, wish I could digitize my … Read more


Borges on visiting America: forgiving our “unholy jungle of gadgets”

“I found America the friendliest, most forgiving, and most generous nation I had ever visited. We South Americans tend to think of things in terms of convenience, whereas people in the United States approach things ethically.This–amateur Protestant that I am–I … Read more


Glogster as extra credit? Fine by me!

I didn’t know about back when I was teaching in Houston in 2004. Actually, I bet that it didn’t yet exist. But anyway, this online poster-making tool just screams “extra-credit.” I’m guessing that the poster for What Can’t Wait Read more


Nostalgia for Darkrooms

Once upon a time, I was a teenager who had a garage darkroom. I read Margaret Atwood by that red light. The pages of my copy of The Handmaid’s Tale are curled up at the edges from being turned by … Read more


Plug me in, please: free goodreads joomla plug-in

Q: What’s the best technology in Ashley’s book? 

A: Um, magic. Duh.

That is, I want technology that makes things happen without me having to do, well, anything. Usually this means that I am disappointed and frustrated with technology. I … Read more

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