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Colorful Genius

Check this post at Latin@s in Kid Lit out. Patrick Flores-Scott makes a case for creating a diverse YA/kid’s publishing version of the Hollywood Black List, a vetted collection of best screenplays that haven’t yet been purchased. The concept is … Read more


The Road to Publishing: One Take on Working with a (Rock Star) Editor

In articles and blog posts about breaking into the world of publishing, the lion’s share of attention goes to the writing craft, getting an agent, and securing a book deal. But what happens after those hurdles have been jumped? What … Read more


Dishing up (and about) Latino/a Kid Lit

You need to read more Latin@ lit. I need to read more Latin@ lit. EVERYBODY needs to read more Latin@ lit. We need to see it, hear about it, debate it, and celebrate it with as much energy as possible. … Read more


Ashley is STACKED.

I dragged myself out of the dissertation cave long enough to vote… and to make an appearance at STACKED for the Contemporary YA week to talk diversity. Here’s a bit:

Often I hear from readers of What Can’t Wait and The Read more


Don’t miss out on the 2012 Summer Book Blast Tour

I’m writing you from the depths of a hideous stomach virus, and I recommend each and every one of you to stay FAR, FAR away from me. What better way to keep your distance than by making a few stops … Read more


How to beat writer’s block over and over

Last week, I shared one of my favorite tricks for beating writing block with, the amazing (as in, “Holy cow, where were you when I was sixteen?!”) online writing community for teens and YA lovers. (Seriously, everybody… if … Read more


Ouch! Ash bites!

For the record, I’m hugely honored to have a guest post over at Bites today. To see what I mean, check out Donna’s HILARIOUS post on “why your emails get deleted unanswered.” From this, authors sound like a pack … Read more


Climbing Maggie’s Bookshelf: is WCW an “issue” novel?

Here’s the link to a guest post I did for Maggie’s Bookshelf in which I muse about what kind of issue novel What Can’t Wait would be if it were an issue novel and reveal how come there’s no glossary … Read more


Ashley gets munched (find me at The Book Muncher)

Hey, today head over to The Book Muncher to check out my guest post on how knowing my audience helps me write. Also, check out my responses to Rachael’s random questions. You’ll learn about my (secret?) obsession, the strangest thing … Read more


Ashley’s on (guest post)

Hey, check out my guest post for the stellar writing exchange website, Once you get turned onto this site, you might not be able to get away. I have a serious crush on it.

Read more
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