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What Montessori preschool can teach writers

By Sarah on Flickr:

It’s partway through your morning work time, and here are your symptoms: brain on ice (or scattered), lethargy (or restlessness), total aversion to the work on your desk. You’re frustrated with yourself; it’s not time·to be tired yet. You’re … Read more


How to Use Your Zombie Hours

Drew Mackie:

This is about how colorful and lively I feel during my zombie hours.

Zombie hours. We all have them. You know, that stretch of time when you feel about as vibrant and intelligent and insightful as a stick figure of … Read more


Motivating the timeline

My boys, who share way more than the same smile. The most amazing guys on the planet.

These days I’m doing most of my work from that “other” side of myself–the comparative literature PhD candidate side. My goal is to … Read more


Scrivener Fall-out (NOT a falling out)

I know that this

Anybody who’s remotely paying attention should know that I love Scrivener. I’m near evangelical about its virtues for everything from novel-writing to blog-touring to academic blah organizing. (Yes, my academic blahs need to be organized.)… Read more


Reader’s Question: How do you work writing into your life?

Here’s the full Q: How do you work writing into your life?  I often find myself without any time to write, or if I do have the time, I am not in the “zone”. I am tired, or worn, and so … Read more


Writing Inspiration: Feel THEIR words from YOUR pen

Let’s say you want to write but you’re stuck. Blocked. Nothing’s coming out. But you can’t just sit there.

So try this:

(1) Get down a favorite book from your shelf. Find a passage you really admire. 

(2) Write it … Read more


Stop Dreaming and Start Scrivener-ing

You know how sometimes you fantasize about this perfect tool that will make a really hard job magically more manageable? And how most of the time that fantasy remains, well, just a fantasy?

Well, here’s good news for writer types … Read more


Mission Accomplished (or: how to read 184 books in 5 months)

These are the ridiculously detailed reading calendars I used to get through my PhD exam reading.

Two things I’ve loved about this spring: seeing What Can’t Wait on a real shelf in a real bookstore and seeing our little boy … Read more


After hours brain work: rocking the back burner

By Josh Koonce

Twice in the past two weeks my brain has worked overtime for me outside of normal business hours to cook some ideas for me with very little conscious effort on my part. 

Maybe–like some men I know–the … Read more

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