Glogster as extra credit? Fine by me!

I didn’t know about back when I was teaching in Houston in 2004. Actually, I bet that it didn’t yet exist. But anyway, this online poster-making tool just screams “extra-credit.” I’m guessing that the poster for What Can’t Wait on Glogster was one such effort–but that’s fine by me because I think it’s quite cute. You can check it out here:

I wouldn’t go crazy with this tool for extra credit since it seems like putting together one of these posters would take only a few minutes and wouldn’t necessarily require actually reading a book. But I can see it as a handy tool for increasing interest in YA novels for independent reading. Students love to get recs from other students, and the glogster format is more appealing than your standard summary or book report. Create a glogster group for your classes and award students a few points when they add a poster after reading a novel. Easy for them, easy for you, fun for all.

Thanks, hdiaz807, for the sweet What Can’t Wait poster!


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