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My Butterfly Rorschach

Butterflies keep turning up in my work, as you can see even from the cover art (and titles!) of What Can’t Wait and The Knife and the Butterfly. Recently I saw a beautiful photograph on Flickr* that got … Read more


Reader’s Question: Will early work embarrass you later?

A while back, a blog reader asked this question in response to a writing inspiration post:

I hear authors talk all the time about how awfull they used to be, and how they’re glad that first book they wrote won’t Read more


Red Bull for YA Authors

It appears I have a new authorly addiction: Skyping with students. In the last month or so, I’ve been lucky enough to have a Skype author visit with students almost every Friday. Forget chicken soup for the writer’s soul–these chats … Read more



It’s a rare thing, maybe, for an author to celebrate her book being locked up. But in this case, going to lock-up means being freed to find a new audience–and getting my book into the Michigan Reformatory library.

I stumbled across … Read more


Ouch! Ash bites!

For the record, I’m hugely honored to have a guest post over at Bites today. To see what I mean, check out Donna’s HILARIOUS post on “why your emails get deleted unanswered.” From this, authors sound like a pack … Read more


Final sprint and reflections on the race, er, blog tour

I’m a little out of breath, but I’m happy. I finished the race, er, I mean the blog tour for The Knife and the Butterfly. And I had fun. Really. And I did not spend all my writing time … Read more


Can you keep up?

The blog tour marches on! Check out these delicious posts…

2/10/12 – Interview (including… a confession about the title and research in taquerías) – Chick Lit Cafe·

2/11/12 -·Boobs, Bottles, and Boxes of Cookies: Or, How to Handle Read more


7 Reasons to Stop Reading This Now


No, don’t go hitting the unsubscribe buttons on your RSS readers. By “this” I mean my blog–and only for today. The seven reasons? Guest posts and reviews around the blogosphere that you don’t want to miss, all part of my … Read more


Making Stereotypes Undo Themselves

Today I’m thrilled to be posting over at Actin’ Up With Books on making stereotypes undo themselves. Go check it out… or be damned to stereotype ignorance forever! Here’s the first bit of my post:

Let’s get one fact … Read more


TK&TB release day: gratitude and a new super power

It’s official: The Knife and the Butterfly is OUT IN THE WORLD. Ask for it in your local bookstore, request it from your library, or order it online. If you read it and love it, consider these (mostly serious) suggestionsRead more

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