Channel your inner engineer and liberate your library: DIY book scanner

Here’s what happens if you’re me and you wish you could digitize the essentials of your personal library and take it with you for your year in Paris: you mope around saying things like, “Man, wish I could digitize my library and take it with me. Oh well.”

Here’s what happens if you’re an engineer and you think something similar: you build a super-fast, easy-to-use, do-it-yourself book scanner.

Check out what my web designer Justin Ray worked up here. And if you’re a little more motivated than I am, you’ll channel your inner engineer and have a rocking tool to digitize your library. Justin’s post has more details, but here are his Youtube video demos to tantalize you:



P.S. Justin also does the web design for my site and designed a super-cool (and free) Joomla plugin that you can use to integrate Goodreads reviews directly (and automatically) into your own site. Read more at


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