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The Look into the Coffin (not a feel-good story)

For me, death is the hardest chapter to bear in the story of a life.

Recently, my brother asked me to share some good memories about my grandmother, who passed on the fourth of July after a long struggle with … Read more


Presidential Announcements and the TIME cover: Is the DREAM Act on its way back?

I haven’t read it yet, but I plan to get my hands on a copy of the June 25 Time magazine because the cover story is close to my heart: the plight of young illegal immigrants who contribute in countless … Read more


How to be grateful (courtesy of Belfast skies)

The skirt of the storm.

Last night I stumbled across these entries written in one of my notebooks during a trip to Belfast in 2005. I’ve typed it up for you because I still feel the same way about skies. And gratitude. Turns out I’m … Read more


HAPPY FAMILIES is the antidote to the “I’m Christian unless…” disease

The short version of my post today is this: anyone who has been moved, intrigued, or otherwise affected by the “I’m Christian Unless You’re Gay” essay by Dan Pearce (aka Single Dad Laughing) NEEDS to read Tanita S. Davis’s newest book, … Read more


Writers’ Rights: An Open Letter on How to Review Books Safely

Dear New Author,

You used to like writing reviews, didn’t you? Goodreads, your blog, even facebook: your opinions were loud and proud. But what now, now that you are joining the ranks of the published?

First off, let me say … Read more

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