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Reader’s Question: What to do when other passions get in the way of writing?

Q: I have a hard time balancing my love of photography and my love of writing. Is there something else you enjoy doing that sometimes gets in the way of your writing?*

A: Um, yes! I had almost exactly the … Read more


The magic tree: Ashley’s flickr fantasies

Check out this exquisite photograph I took in a Cambodian temple. Oh, wait. I didn’t actually take it. That was just a fantasy I had while stalking Austin-based photographer Trey Ratcliff on (check out his award-winning blog, Stuck in CustomsRead more


Nostalgia for Darkrooms

Once upon a time, I was a teenager who had a garage darkroom. I read Margaret Atwood by that red light. The pages of my copy of The Handmaid’s Tale are curled up at the edges from being turned by … Read more

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