Plug me in, please: free goodreads joomla plug-in

Jessica R:

This goodreads plug-in is magic!

Q: What’s the best technology in Ashley’s book? 

A: Um, magic. Duh.

That is, I want technology that makes things happen without me having to do, well, anything. Usually this means that I am disappointed and frustrated with technology. I know, I know, I need to reform. But who can blame a girl for dreaming?

Here’s a little piece of technological wonder that is straight out of my dreams and just works for me: my amazing goodreads plug-in for Joomla from (get it for free here). This plug-in makes all the reviews you post on goodreads magically appear on your own site as well.

Before this, I was manually copying my reviews into an article, a pain-in-the-patooty process that gobbled up time I could be spending actually writing and basically meant that I stopped updating my reviews on my website.

Now, I love doing my duty and reviewing the books I read. I get rewarded with the pleasure of seeing them spring up here without me doing a darn thing.

Stunning. Stellar. Stupendous… Okay, enough with the synonym fest. If you use Joomla to manage your website content and you post reviews on goodreads, save yourself a world of trouble and snag this plug-in.


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