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The Road to Publishing: One Take on Working with a (Rock Star) Editor

In articles and blog posts about breaking into the world of publishing, the lion’s share of attention goes to the writing craft, getting an agent, and securing a book deal. But what happens after those hurdles have been jumped? What … Read more



Today’s post offers a review of ANNEXED·by Sharon Dogar and suggests pairing it with NO CRYSTAL STAIR by Vaunda Micheaux Nelson

(Note: this is part of my “If I were a librarian” fantasy in which I would always … Read more


Suspense and Tension: You Need Lots of Layers for a 300-Page Striptease

Like most writers I’ve worked with in workshops and writing groups, I tend to think too much about when I’m going to tell my readers something. Instead, we should be asking ourselves, how long can we go without telling our … Read more


Holy Carolrhoda Lab generosity! Third Authors for Henryville auction

Carolrhoda Lab and my fab editor Andrew Karre have been hugely generous in offering heaps of titles for the Authors for Henryville auction. Check out these amazing offerings! Bid in the comments for each listing between now and 9 p.m. Eastern … Read more


Final sprint and reflections on the race, er, blog tour

I’m a little out of breath, but I’m happy. I finished the race, er, I mean the blog tour for The Knife and the Butterfly. And I had fun. Really. And I did not spend all my writing time … Read more


TK&TB release day: gratitude and a new super power

It’s official: The Knife and the Butterfly is OUT IN THE WORLD. Ask for it in your local bookstore, request it from your library, or order it online. If you read it and love it, consider these (mostly serious) suggestionsRead more


WHAT CAN’T WAIT made the ALA BFYA list!

Woohoo! Here’s What Can’t Wait on ALA’s 2012 Best Fiction for Young Adults list! The company at this party is just… stunning. 

Read more

WARNING: Blythe Woolston’s CATCH AND RELEASE will hook you

Author's website

… and not let you go until you see Polly and Odd down the road. I’ll tell you what I mean in a second. But first, a look at the book coming to the world. Editor Andrew Karre blogged a while Read more


Ilsa Bick’s DROWNING INSTINCT: Killer plot, serious stuff

Carolrhoda Lab

Drowning Instinct by Ilsa Bick takes hold of you and doesn’t let you go until the very last page. I’m proof: I read it in two sittings. Even knowing that Liam would be up at 7:00, I stayed up till … Read more


Give Me Your Hungry Heart and I’ll Make You a Reader: No Crystal Stair by Vaunda Micheaux Nelson

Carolrhoda Lab

No Crystal Stair by Vaunda Micheaux Nelson is yet another proof that Carolrhoda Lab is pushing boundaries in diverse ways. Here’s a description of this “documentary novel of the life and work of Lewis Michaux, Harlem bookseller”:

“You can’t walk straight on a … Read more

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