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YA Guide for the Confused

Tis the season for YA book lists, it seems, but apparently there’s a little confusion out there as to what constitutes YA. As in, my-head-in-a-blender confusion. As the blogger who will get even more of my love by the end … Read more


A collection of micro-confessions

If you didn’t know, I’m on Twitter: @ashleyhopeperez. I’ve discovered that–for better or worse–Twitter lends itself to micro-confessions. I’m a bit of a confession junkie (for example, I MIGHT make a weekly stop to to see the latest … Read more


How to accidentally make 10 gallons of chicken soup

After my recent blog post on losing a day in Paris, someone innocently inquired as to how I managed to *accidentally* make 10 gallons of soup. This is also for Sarah, who wanted to know about the tiny chickens.

It’s … Read more


Fancy-pants foodie recipes devolve into THIS.

Okay, I love looking at pictures of beautiful food. I love thinking about making it. Especially beautiful desserts like this one from Gourmet. But sometimes, it all just starts looking too difficult, complicated. Don’t get me wrong: I can handle … Read more


From My Writer’s Notebook: (Bad) Get-Rich-Quick Advice

So every once and a while my writing group will do a writing exercise together. I think these are great because they produce surprises. Lots of times lazy me writes things that I can use in my current book project … Read more


Gobbling up Jordan Sonnenblick’s DRUMS, GIRLS, AND DANGEROUS PIE and AFTER EVER AFTER

I admired Jordan Sonnenblick before I even knew his books. Like me, he put in a number of years teaching in the public schools of Houston through Teach For America. Plus he’s a funny, unassuming guy who is unstinting when … Read more


Better than imagining them in their underwear: writers & kitties

I’m a writer. I’m a student of literature. I’m a teacher. In my literary bible, the words of Borges, Cortázar, Bishop, Hemingway, and company appear in red. (For you heathens, red-letter bibles have the words of Christ in red.)


Sometimes, though, … Read more


Ashley gets munched (find me at The Book Muncher)

Hey, today head over to The Book Muncher to check out my guest post on how knowing my audience helps me write. Also, check out my responses to Rachael’s random questions. You’ll learn about my (secret?) obsession, the strangest thing … Read more


Heywood Banks and “Yeah, toast!”

For Arnulfo’s birthday, we went to see Heywood Banks at a comedy club. He was quite funny in a goofy, self-deprecating way. The show was completely clean (I didn’t realize I’d bought tickets to a “family friendly” show), which amazed … Read more


Tax Day: Laugh It Off

So today is tax day. You’re stressed out because you’re still trying to get them done and H&R Block’s online tax friend keeps crashing on you. Or you’ve sent them in–along with all that money you didn’t know you owed … Read more

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