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Celebrate Pi Day with YA books


While I’ve been indulging FAR TOO MUCH lately, it’s no holds barred today… on YA books that center on math, that is. YA Reading List is a fabulous librarian-run blog that features YA booklists around all sorts of themes… including … Read more


Reader’s Question: Will early work embarrass you later?

A while back, a blog reader asked this question in response to a writing inspiration post:

I hear authors talk all the time about how awfull they used to be, and how they’re glad that first book they wrote won’t Read more


Reading Pregnancy: A non-fiction friend for WHAT CAN’T WAIT

I don’t teach high school anymore, but I can’t break the habit of looking for companion texts for books (my own and other). A while back, this description of The Pregnancy Project came across my screen via the School Library JournalRead more


WHAT CAN’T WAIT made the ALA BFYA list!

Woohoo! Here’s What Can’t Wait on ALA’s 2012 Best Fiction for Young Adults list! The company at this party is just… stunning. 

Read more

Voice and Ventriloquism in Writing

People talk a lot about voice in writing. Voice is that hard-to-describe quality in a piece of writing that is at once internally consistent and capable of generating surprises. It’s not the same as character or personality; it’s a kind … Read more


Thinking about a book’s “other” audience (or: Could What Can’t Wait be “the” TFA novel?)


Somebody recently asked me this question: “Besides teens, who do you think is the most important audience for What Can’t Wait?”

Good question. Here’s my answer: What Can’t Wait wants to be read by middle school and high school … Read more


Climbing Maggie’s Bookshelf: is WCW an “issue” novel?

Here’s the link to a guest post I did for Maggie’s Bookshelf in which I muse about what kind of issue novel What Can’t Wait would be if it were an issue novel and reveal how come there’s no glossary … Read more


Thinking with Reviewers, part 2: one proof that teens know best

See-Ming Lee:

(This week, I’m trying to overcome recent angst directed at one reviewer’s comments on YA fiction by reflecting on positive author-reviewer experiences.)

A sweet review from a YA reader makes me just as happy as a tree full of bright … Read more


Chatting up The Happy Nappy Bookseller

Today I’m over at The Happy Nappy Bookseller for an interview as part of the Summer Blog Blast Tour. Check out the other author interviews from this week, too! The schedule is below… Happy touring!

Tara Altebrando (Chasing Ray)
Read more

Thinking with reviewers, part 1: Katie on family in WHAT CAN’T WAIT

(This week, I’m working through recent angst over one reviewer’s comments by doing two posts on positive experiences responding to reviewers.)

Yeah, sometimes writers feel about as enthusiastic about having their work reviewed as the little guy in the picture … Read more

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