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Now Go Read: Beyond Borges

Sometimes when Latin American literature comes up as one of my areas of research in a casual setting, I hear things like, “Oh, so you read Borges, right?” 

Don’t get me wrong: Borges is great–and important. So of course I … Read more


Borges on visiting America: forgiving our “unholy jungle of gadgets”

“I found America the friendliest, most forgiving, and most generous nation I had ever visited. We South Americans tend to think of things in terms of convenience, whereas people in the United States approach things ethically.This–amateur Protestant that I am–I … Read more


Women Writers Rock the Caribbean


Check out this guest post I did on women writers of the Caribbean for Color Online. Read the post and then cruise around the site to find amazing resources and perspectives.

Read more

Review: Silvina Ocampo’s short fiction

Silvina Ocampo is a master storyteller every bit as talented and important as more widely recognized Latin American short story writers like Borges. The most commented-on feature of her stories is their “cruelty,” by which people generally mean the frequency … Read more

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