A collection of micro-confessions


Not my confession, but too funny not to share.

If you didn’t know, I’m on Twitter: @ashleyhopeperez. I’ve discovered that–for better or worse–Twitter lends itself to micro-confessions. I’m a bit of a confession junkie (for example, I MIGHT make a weekly stop to postsecret.com to see the latest in minor and major postcard confessions.)

Here are a few of my own small confessions from Twitter…

Sometimes, on my Mac, I “Force Quit” an application–even when it’s behaving fine–just to feel powerful.

I used to giggle every time I saw the word “SIEMENS” on an appliance. Now, thanks to a WWII history buff, I think of concentration camp labor.

I place candy wrappers under poop-bomb diaper in trash to avoid spousal detection.·

At 9mos, our son got into the cat food on my watch. The worst = I think he liked it.

I used to have an irrational fear of odd numbers & argued a grade down once because of it.

Did an image search for “miscarriage” (book research) and was sorry.

I’m learning what potty-training involves, and sometimes I wish I could keep Liam in diapers.

Now that you know some of what you’ve been missing (I also retweet interesting articles and book-related stuff), go follow @ashleyhopeperez on Twitter. 🙂


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