Tax Day: Laugh It Off

So today is tax day. You’re stressed out because you’re still trying to get them done and H&R Block’s online tax friend keeps crashing on you. Or you’ve sent them in–along with all that money you didn’t know you owed the IRS. Even if you got money back, the stress of others is contagious, so you need to laugh. And possibly feel that someone has it worse. Like the guy who has to put a sign on his door to keep the neighbor’s dog poop away. That sucks.

How to Suck at Facebook (by — I laughed out loud (literally) repeatedly. Warning: you may recognize yourself or someone you love here.

Misery Bear’s Day Off — the BBC brings you a precious teddy bear whose life (always) sucks. He makes a really cute sound before puking after too much Jack Daniels.

The Book of Biff on “milk straight from the container” — As a nursing mom, you’d better believe I picture someone other than a dairy cow inside this barn–I think this dude totally just accosted a lady breastfeeding her little farmboy baby in there. 🙂

If you’re still feeling cranky, at least you didn’t just wash your husband’s iTouch with the sheets like I did. How’s that for a thank you for his hard work filing the taxes?


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