How to accidentally make 10 gallons of chicken soup

After my recent blog post on losing a day in Paris, someone innocently inquired as to how I managed to *accidentally* make 10 gallons of soup. This is also for Sarah, who wanted to know about the tiny chickens.

It’s like this, Adam: you say to yourself, we are so poor, we have to make the most of every rotisserie chicken we buy. Hence, make soup with the bones.

Only… you don’t count on gobbling up those (relatively) tiny chickens three times a week.

Then, lurking in your fridge, you have a giant bucket of chicken stock you’ve cooked with all those little clucker carcasses. You put it on the stove.

Then you think, with all this stock, I better add a lot of noodles and veggies. And then you keep having to get out more pots to hold it all. It’s madness, really.

Does anybody have ideas for what else I can make with chicken stock? Because I think my boys are going to go on strike if I do this again.

P.S. Not that I’m complaining about the tiny French chickens. That’s probably how chickens are supposed to be. The ones I was used to buying in the US probably had bigger breasts than Barbie; I bet those poor chicks couldn’t even stand up. Not cool.

P.P.S. When you buy your eggs in French, the package tells you how they were raised. Not just “en plein aire” for the ones that got to live outside, but also “en cage” on the ones from “traditional” farms. So you really are confronted with what your purchase means. 


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