My Butterfly Rorschach

Butterflies keep turning up in my work, as you can see even from the cover art (and titles!) of What Can’t Wait and The Knife and the Butterfly. Recently I saw a beautiful photograph on Flickr* that got me thinking about what it might mean that I keep seeing butterflies in the inkblots of my characters’ worlds.

It has to do with obvious things, like my iron-clad optimism. I like (and need) the notion of change and growth. Of breaking out of confined spaces. Of surprise. After all, I believe no one is more surprised by transformation than the butterfly himself.

But there is something more to the butterfly thing. Fragility. Flight. Upward movement. Silence. The ephemeral.

That seems to be the direction the butterfly theme is taking in novel #3, which is darker still than The Knife and the Butterfly. The butterflies in my WIP seem to be a kind of negative image, their absence marked out by the contours of events. I think maybe I am the only one who will see them, gathered in the shadows. 

*”Rorschach” by Robby Cavanaugh. It’s not available for reposting via CreativeCommons, but it is so worth the click. Go on, click. You won’t be sorry.


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