Ouch! Ash bites!


For the record, I’m hugely honored to have a guest post over at Bites today. To see what I mean, check out Donna’s HILARIOUS post on “why your emails get deleted unanswered.” From this, authors sound like a pack of frenzied, ill-mannered second-graders shouting, “Me! Me! Me!” I guess that’s not so far from the mark sometimes. But we try to behave, really we do.  🙂

Anyway, check out my guest post on why The Knife and the Butterfly is anchored in Azael’s POV and not Lexi’s. And while you’re clicking around, don’t forget to see the amazing new auction items up for auction at Authors for Henryville.  This serious show of love for a shattered community deserves your bucks!

Psst! A while back, Donna chewed on The Knife and the Butterfly and gave it 5 out of 5 bites in this review.


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