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The YA world responds to Gurdon, but are we preaching to the choir?

Last week, Meghan Cox Gurdon’s article “Darkness Too Visible” denounced YA lit as trying to “bulldoze coarseness or misery” into children’s lives. Gurdon gets YA wrong on so many levels, and the kidlit world noticed. Massively. Most responses have been smart … Read more


Better than imagining them in their underwear: writers & kitties

I’m a writer. I’m a student of literature. I’m a teacher. In my literary bible, the words of Borges, Cortázar, Bishop, Hemingway, and company appear in red. (For you heathens, red-letter bibles have the words of Christ in red.)


Sometimes, though, … Read more


Interview and Review at Sarah Laurence’s blog

Hey, today I’m over at Sarah Laurence’s blog talking about What Can’t Wait, writing, and my nerdiness. Sarah also reviews What Can’t Wait today. Stop by and show some love in the comment section!

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Help a book you love: (mostly) serious book promotion ideas

This post is for all my loved ones who’ve asked, “What can I do to help spread the word about What Can’t Wait?” So from here on out, I will assume that (a) you’ve read What Can’t Wait (yay!), … Read more


Reading as resistance

Lots of times we think of reading as a passive activity, something that’s more or the less the opposite of doing. “Oh, she doesn’t do anything; she just sits around reading.” But can reading itself be an act of … Read more


Launched in Bloomington

So Saturday’s launch party was officially a success, thanks to the hard work and support of Bloomington folks! This post is all about pictures: get a look inside the amazing Boxcar Books, check out Arnie’s BIG-ASS poster (which I … Read more


Diversity in YA Guest Post

Y’all hop over to the Diversity in YA blog for my guest post today on cussing, cockroaches, and my audience. It’ll be grand!

Also, don’t forget: Launch party for What Can’t Wait on Saturday, March 26, from 7-10 p.m. at … Read more


Launch Party, March 26

Yay, yay! It’s a book! And a party! Come on out Saturday, March 26, from 7-10 p.m. at Boxcar Books in Bloomington, Indiana, for a book signing and celebration of What Can’t Wait‘s publication. Delicious vittles will be provided … Read more


Graphic novel round-up

Today, a round-up of my reviews of graphic novels. (BTW, every time I type “graphic novels” I have a momentary flash of paranoia. “Graphic novel” sounds so…. naughty. Like I’m blogging about soft porn or bodice-ripping. But, no–I’m blogging about
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Ashley on WCW release date = grateful

It’s here. It’s here! The official release date for What Can’t Wait. I need an overcoat with a million secret pockets to stow all the gratitude I’m feeling. Or maybe a Miss (Mrs?) America set-up where I can toss … Read more

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