Help a book you love: (mostly) serious book promotion ideas

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This post is for all my loved ones who’ve asked, “What can I do to help spread the word about What Can’t Wait?” So from here on out, I will assume that (a) you’ve read What Can’t Wait (yay!), and (b) you are so excited about it that you want to know other things you can do to help promote it and get it into the hands of readers.

Here are a few ideas you can put into action for free:

(1) Ask your public library to purchase the book. Many libraries have patron-directed purchasing, which means that they will generally buy an item that a user requests if they don’t already have it. Here’s an example of a library purchase request form.

(2) Request the book from your library. Your library has the book. Yay! Now, even though you own it, request it! Some libraries have a hold system and have a formula for purchasing additional copies of the book. For example, if a book has eight holds, they will purchase a second copy.

(3) Ask about the book at the bookstores in your area (or whenever you visit other cities). You can do this by calling or—even better—by talking to a real, live employee. If the store doesn’t have the book, you can tell them that it’s worth checking out. You might mention the reviews in Kirkus, Booklist, or VOYA (read ’em all in one place on my publisher’s page here).

(4) Link to the author’s amazing (ahem) website or blog from twitter, facebook, or your own website.

(5) Review the book on,,, or other sites for readers.

(6) Know teachers? Tell them about the book.*

(7) Know teens? Tell them about the book.*

(8) Have a grandma? Tell her about the book.*

*The extra-motivated and financially endowed can substitute “buy” for “tell them about.”

Your dedicated author friend is sure to appreciate the help.


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