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Final sprint and reflections on the race, er, blog tour

I’m a little out of breath, but I’m happy. I finished the race, er, I mean the blog tour for The Knife and the Butterfly. And I had fun. Really. And I did not spend all my writing time … Read more


TK&TB release day: gratitude and a new super power

It’s official: The Knife and the Butterfly is OUT IN THE WORLD. Ask for it in your local bookstore, request it from your library, or order it online. If you read it and love it, consider these (mostly serious) suggestionsRead more


WARNING: Blythe Woolston’s CATCH AND RELEASE will hook you

Author's website

… and not let you go until you see Polly and Odd down the road. I’ll tell you what I mean in a second. But first, a look at the book coming to the world. Editor Andrew Karre blogged a while Read more


Five reasons NOT to self-publish your novel as an e-book

I know, I know, self-publishing e-books is all the rage. Who wouldn’t like a bigger cut of their profits? Who wouldn’t like to see their book “out there” as quickly as possible? Who wouldn’t like to be the next success … Read more


Listen to the wise… (my editor, that is)

You don’t have to be old and bearded to be sage. In fact, my editor, Andrew Karre, is living proof that you don’t have to be either to see things that others miss. In a recent piece for Hunger MountainRead more


Top Five Blog Posts

This week I spied on my site using Google analytics. The biggest revelation? Finding out the blog posts that have gotten the most hits, including several with over a 1000. Who are all these people reading my blog? I’d love … Read more


The Knife and the Butterfly Cover Reveal

I know, isn’t it gorgeous? And when you read The Knife and the Butterfly in February of 2012, you’ll see just how perfectly the cover fits the novel. Knife… or butterfly? It’s all in how you look at things.

Here’s … Read more


Newsflash: Character Loves Words (a rant)

There ought to be a database out there with all the characters in YA and MG novels who love books, dictionaries, literary allusions, or word play.

There ought to be such a thing so that I can print it out … Read more


Why Gurdon (Still) Doesn’t Get It: Parent-Vision, Teen-Vision, and What It Means For Books to Reach Their Audience

Ken Teegardin:

An alternative title to this post might be, “YA saves, but not like you think.” It’s about how the shouting match over “darkness” in YA has its roots in two very different ways of seeing the books in question (and … Read more


Cornered by the NWP (Author’s Corner interview with the National Writing Project)

Today, check out this “Author’s Corner” interview with the National Writing Project. Back in 2005, I spent a transformative summer with the Greater Houston Area Writing Project. The NWP helped me learn how to write with my students, which paved … Read more

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