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How to do it like Bach: Counterpoint in Writing

Something that I’m working on in novel #3 is keeping various lines in the plot going at the same time while also creating meaningful connections between these lines. In music, this is called counterpoint. (Disclaimer, y’all: I’m no musician. In fact, … Read more


Making the shy speak: Quiet characters

I have a problem: one of the main characters of my new novel-in-progress is shy, quiet, tongue-tied. She’s also passionate, secretly sensual, and fiercely dedicated to what she cares about. But how do I get her to speak? What does … Read more


What Courage Sounds Like

To ring in 2012, I offer you this scene: a Paris Metro car full of people on their way home, their facial expressions ranging from impatient to bored. In the middle of us all, a woman with her amplifier strapped … Read more


Getting inside an Explosion

There is an explosion in my new (third) novel. How do I write it?

It’s strange the things we manage to draw on when we’re writing. I reckon that the shock I felt when I had a small-scale kitchen explosionRead more


Two Truths and a Lie: Halloween Deceptions Revealed

I know you’ve had a hard time containing your curiosity… so here’s the big reveal… I asked you which of the following was a lie:

1. I once dressed up as a naughty nurse.

2. I once dressed up as … Read more


Living inside my character’s skin… all the way from Paris

Kamil Porembiński,

Moving to Paris for the year might not seem like the most logical way to connect with the characters in my new novel, which (like the first 2) is set in Texas–although this time in 1930s East Texas. But I’ve … Read more


Stop Dreaming and Start Scrivener-ing

You know how sometimes you fantasize about this perfect tool that will make a really hard job magically more manageable? And how most of the time that fantasy remains, well, just a fantasy?

Well, here’s good news for writer types … Read more


Experts Trump the Internet. I Swear.

I like a short cut as well as anyone else, but sometimes–especially when it comes to research for writing–the Internet can’t deliver the details you can get from an expert.

The Internet is great for a quick fact check, but … Read more


Naomi’s secret sensuality

Are the Naomis of the world especially sensual? I ask because I just noticed that the name “Naomi” is “I moan” backwards.

If I were to have a character named Naomi, I don’t think I could resist making something out … Read more


The Zero Draft

Photo from

The zero draft is how I trick myself into writing when it seems too scary to start THE novel. It’s all the exploratory writing that I do just to feel my way into the project. While I don’t make elaborate … Read more

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