Two Truths and a Lie: Halloween Deceptions Revealed

I know you’ve had a hard time containing your curiosity… so here’s the big reveal… I asked you which of the following was a lie:

1. I once dressed up as a naughty nurse.

2. I once dressed up as a black-eyed “P.”

3. I once dressed up as a Transformer.

And the truth is that it’s #1 is the lie. I’ve never dressed up as a naughty anything. Well, at least not for Halloween. #3 was when I was about four, and I wanted to be just like my brother. Somewhere I have a photo of the two of us in our Transform-ed glory. #2 was a failed costume effort with my husband. We had T-shirts with giant “Ps” on them, and we put black makeup under our eyes (like football players). BLACK-EYED Ps. Hilarious, right? A visual pun… only nobody, NOBODY got it.

Which brings me to something else that’s been on my mind: is it possible to write a chracter who’s funny if your sense of humor is this bad? I hope so. I really hope so. Because one of the characters in my new novel is the kind of guy who can make anybody laugh. Laugh, not groan. 

I have some work to do figuring that out.


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