Naomi’s secret sensuality


I dub you Naomi.

Are the Naomis of the world especially sensual? I ask because I just noticed that the name “Naomi” is “I moan” backwards.

If I were to have a character named Naomi, I don’t think I could resist making something out of this. Names are so important, as are parents’ reasons for naming. I had a classmate growing up named Eric Cire. Did his parents intend for his name to be a palindrome? Or did it just happen?

But back to Naomi, whose name declares “I moan.” The woman in this picture fits what I imagine for my Naomi. She has a mischievous sense of herself, not a showy sexiness but a quiet sensuality that runs under a good-girl demeanor.

Naomi, are you trying to sneak into one of my books?


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