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Check this post at Latin@s in Kid Lit out. Patrick Flores-Scott makes a case for creating a diverse YA/kid’s publishing version of the Hollywood Black List, a vetted collection of best screenplays that haven’t yet been purchased. The concept is genius. It’s an industry-wide notion that could expand what we’re beginning to do with the Pitch Fiesta: create visibility for folks who haven’t (yet) had success navigating the paths into publishing. I think the next question is: what would it take to make something like this happen? Could we get YALSA, for example, to put committee power behind it? I might throw this post at my agent and editor–both rockstars who’ve had success with diverse titles–and ask them to comment on the idea.

If you’ve wondered where the heck I’ve been these last months, well… let’s say that while I was away, two Pérez PhDs got finished (mine and my husband’s), a move to Columbus, Ohio, happened, and we started new jobs at The Ohio State University. Kind of a lot. I do plan to be back here with my own thoughts, shouts, and murmurs, but a lot of my blogging energy has been channeled to Latin@s in Kid Lit, where I blog regularly.


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