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How to accidentally make 10 gallons of chicken soup

After my recent blog post on losing a day in Paris, someone innocently inquired as to how I managed to *accidentally* make 10 gallons of soup. This is also for Sarah, who wanted to know about the tiny chickens.

It’s … Read more


Fancy-pants foodie recipes devolve into THIS.

Okay, I love looking at pictures of beautiful food. I love thinking about making it. Especially beautiful desserts like this one from Gourmet. But sometimes, it all just starts looking too difficult, complicated. Don’t get me wrong: I can handle … Read more


Love Cake: Confessions and THE END OF OVEREATING

I. love. cake. cookies. pies. Anything sweet and full of fat, it seems. I also love vegetables and other things, but these sweet monsters exercise a particular pull on me. Why do we love cake (and other fattening foods)? And … Read more


Hometown surprises

Shocking but true: hometowns change, even Kilgore, Texas. While home over the holidays, I discovered that the gritty, grubby, but very lovable oil town that I called home for 16 years now has… a bookstore. And not just any bookstore. … Read more

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