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Goodday Coffee and Books

Shocking but true: hometowns change, even Kilgore, Texas. While home over the holidays, I discovered that the gritty, grubby, but very lovable oil town that I called home for 16 years now has… a bookstore. And not just any bookstore. An independently owned, down-right darling spot called Goodday Coffee and Books. Yes, amazing coffee and baked goods, plus a carefully chosen wall of books from all genres.

The book selection really is fantastic–like browsing the shelves of your most discriminating writer/reader friend’s library. Just enough to tantalize, not enough to overwhelm as in a bigger store.

I think I have a crush on Goodday Books. But there is one small problem: where the heck was Goodday when I was a teen? Seriously. I would have l.o.v.e.d. a place like Goodday. No, I needed a place like Goodday. Can we please put it in a time machine and send it back to 1984 so that it would be there for me when I became an angsty teen in need of a spot to think deep thoughts and write bad poetry? 

I’ve grown up (sort of), and I guess Kilgore is growing up, too.  Finding Goodday in Kilgore ranks with fantasy discoveries like “I really am an Indian princess!” or “this old lunchbox collection is actually worth thousands!”

Goodday gives me one more thing to look forward to when we go home to visit the kinfolk. 

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