10 Blog Posts You Shouldn’t Miss


I reader recently emailed me to ask about the most-read articles on this blog. (Thanks for your question, Christy!) Here are the ten most popular posts, in reverse order to maximize suspense.

10. Five reasons NOT to self-publish your novel as an e-book. My tough-love advice for the eager-to-be-published.

9. The shit detector with on-off switch.  Slight modifications to Hemingway’s adage result in handy gift-giving advice for writers.

8. YA saves, but not like you think. A post responding to the second Gurdon article in the summer of 2011 (Remember? “AAAAAH! YA IS SO SCARY AND DARK!”) and the responding rallying cry of “YA saves.” Basically about the difference between parent-vision and teen-vision and what matters most for the YA audience.

7. Scrivener and me. A little shout-out for the program that is (STILL!) rocking my world. Coming soon… a post on organizing blog tours using Scrivener.

6. The Dropout Story. I am quite possibly the world’s nerdiest high-school dropout.

5. Teens are (sexual) people, too. No surprise here… Sex always gets folks reading! One of my favorite posts on why I think sexuality has a place in books for teens… and why anybody who cares for a teen also ought to be thinking about the fact that sex–in some way–is in that teen’s life.

4. How to Accidentally Make Ten Gallons of Soup. I can’t help but think that these 1,000s of hits are from folks (cafeteria cooks?) actually interested in making 10 gallons of soup. Otherwise… are my mistakes really that compelling?

3. Stakeouts, Knives, Graffiti, and More. The truth about researching The Knife and the Butterfly.

2. Borges on visiting America. Tiny post with a Borges quote and a photo of the English building where he taught (and I attended classes) at The University of Texas at Austin.

1. Review of Benjamin Alire Saenz’s Last Night I Sang to the Monster. This was the first book review I wrote after receiving a contract for What Can’t Wait and The Knife and the Butterfly.

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