No choices: my new favorite way to dine (Les Papilles in Paris)

For Christmas, Arnie and I bought each other a grown-up* dinner at Les Papilles, a well-established French bistro with a reputation for its excellent market-driven menu and wide selection of wines. And I discovered my new favorite way to have dinner out: without choices.

Because at Les Papilles (translates as “the tastebuds”) the day’s offerings are the same for everyone and based on what’s fresh at the market.

Our first course was a gorgeous cream of zucchini soup ladled over seasoned bread cubes, bacon, and an olive cream fraiche dollop. I loved that we had our own giant tureen of soup so that I could have three servings. (Sorry, couldn’t find a picture of our soup.)

The next course was beef cheek slow-roasted in red wine with baby potatoes, carrots and thyme. Tasty, even for this former vegetarian!

The cheese course was a blue cheese served with a prune to balance out the saltiness. Delish.

Chez Pim:

Finally, the dessert. Oh, my goodness. I wish I could remember what it was called. (If somebody knows from my description, please tell me!) Carmelized bananas on the bottom, this amazingly mild and smooth creamy stuff above that, and a caramel foam on the top. I wanted to die…

Paris By Mouth:

Another thing I loved was picking out our own wine from the many choices along the wall…

From Paris by Mouth

Not a single disappointment for these satisfied diners. 

*Liam had to sit this one out, but he had a great time with super babysitter Melissa.


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