Chocolate Tart in Paris (with Liam as model!)

So far it appears absolutely impossible to go wrong with any recipe by David Lebovitz. But especially when it comes to chocolate, he is an evil genius! What I love best about this chocolate tart recipe is that it only requires ingredients that any sane person already has in her kitchen: sugar, vanilla, butter, coffee, flour, eggs, and a good bar of chocolate. I also made David’s French pastry recipe. (It’s a lot easier than a rolled pastry crust, but I recommend doubling it and storing half the dough in the fridge for sudden baking needs. I used mine for a quick quiche).

Looking for a simple-but-special holiday treat for your New Year’s Eve party? Look no further.

The batter for the tart is delicious–akin to the richest fudge sauce you’ve ever had. When baked, it becomes denser but is still very smooth, kind of like a very thick pudding. Anyway, the husband approved, as did Liam. I’ll let him model the satisfaction since he looks way cuter with chocolate all over his face than I do. (Unfortunately, this is not just a hypothetical comparison: apparently every time I sneak a little Nutella, I manage to smear it across my mouth, which makes it difficult to feign innocence when Arnie asks what I’ve been snacking on.)

Um, is there a problem here?

More pie, please!

What if I suck in my stomach? See? I really, really need more pie!


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