Jumping with joy: best ever What Can’t Wait review + some darn awesome press

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I wish I had a green field instead of slushy mushy snow for my jumping with joy.

What Can’t Wait just got some serious love in this great review of What Can’t Wait  over at the fun and irreverent Forever Young Adult site. Now, I love FYA, so I’m stoked just to have my book reviewed there, but beyond that, Erin connected to the book and really, really got it. Plus she’s an amazingly funny writer. So get over there, check out her review. It goes great with chocolate ice cream, donuts, or even rice cakes. Thank you, Erin.

While you’re showing the love, check out an all-new interview at Actin’ Up with Books, where I talk about my secret reading shames, sequels, my shitty first draft of What Can’t Wait, and much more. Many thanks to Joli for coming up with rocking questions to get me talking!

ashLiambookSMALLAlso, Kelsey Holder of the Indiana Daily Student did a fun profile of me that features some of my favorite things: my tattoo, my book, my husband, my son, my teaching, and my scheduling tricks! There’s a cute picture of Liam with his giraffe courtesy of the IDS photographers. If you missed them the first time around, you might want to do some blog-diving to get the full tattoo story and the scoop on the amazing “don’t break the chain” goal-tracking method.

Finally, in my editor’s words, What Can’t Wait more than made it through the Kirkus Review buzzsaw. Among other things, the reviewer called the book “un magnifico debut” and praised its “hopeful but never too-tidy ending.” Not too shabby for our first big-press review, eh? Find the full review in the February 1 issue of Kirkus or online here after March 1.

All this love makes up for the fact that Liam, Arnie, and I have been taking turns getting sick for the past couple of weeks. It seems to be my turn. I think I need to buy stock in the Traditional Medicinals company; I’ve bought so many boxes of their fancy-pants Throat Coat tea that the CEO probably got a bonus.


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