Two Truths and a Lie, Part 2

Last Wednesday I started a little game of Two Truths and a Lie. What was the lie? It was…

3. Making a long drive is the only thing that can calm me down after reading a tear-jerker or watching a really sad movie.

Total falsehood! I hate driving, so it’s more likely to make me cry than cure me. I’d rather bake a batch of cookies or take a long, brooding walk. In my current, oh-so-glamorous mommy-ness, I might also hang diapers out on the line to dry or reorganize Liam’s closet. Actually, that’s probably the best option because nothing is sweeter than soft, clean baby clothes, nothing more innocent and full of promise.

Link back to read the truths, which involve life support and tattoos (well, one tattoo). I do keep saying I’m going to tell the tattoo story. Maybe next Wednesday?


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