Celebrate Pi Day with YA books

Jima: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jima/4434165630

While I’ve been indulging FAR TOO MUCH lately, it’s no holds barred today… on YA books that center on math, that is. YA Reading List is a fabulous librarian-run blog that features YA booklists around all sorts of themes… including YA novels with a math connection for PI DAY (today). What Can’t Wait is hanging out with lots of other books worth checking out right over here.

Three random Pi-related facts about me:

(1) I have eaten a PI pie.

(2) I have a friend with 4+ pi-related tatoos.

(3) My husband charmed me into going on a date with him by sending me a piece of “pi” (a string of 10 digits or so) on a day that I wasn’t feeling well.

Happy Pi Day!


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