The magic tree: Ashley’s flickr fantasies

Trey Ratcliff:

Doesn’t the tree make you think of bodies climbing up?

Check out this exquisite photograph I took in a Cambodian temple. Oh, wait. I didn’t actually take it. That was just a fantasy I had while stalking Austin-based photographer Trey Ratcliff on (check out his award-winning blog, Stuck in Customs, here).

I can almost imagine taking it, though. That’s because sometimes I go to flickr and stare at the images until I can imagine myself behind the camera. In the case of this beautiful image, I can almost feel the loose sand over the cracked paving tiles in the temple and hear the rustle of leaves far overhead. I wrote a while ago about saying goodbye to art photography as an active, creative practice in my own life, but that doesn’t mean I can’t fantasize about capturing and creating beautiful images.

About the photo: is it just me, or do these intertwined trunks make you think of river nymphs flowing up to the top of the tree? 


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