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Best of the National Day on Writing


Yesterday, the third official National Day on Writing, was a huge success! You definitely don’t want to miss out on hearing from five writers via the National Writing Project’s blogtalk radio show. Listen to the show online here. I’m … Read more


Taking Paris by Classroom

From American university to Paris university–it’s not a seamless transition. But it is exciting, and my new students have me all revved up to find new ways to make English relevant.

I’m working on a thematic curriculum for our 12

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Save the Date: October 20 = NWP web radio event


Save the date for this awesome web radio event hosted by NWP on October 20. I’ll be a guest on the show!  Details:

One way we’re celebrating the National Day on Writing is by talking with writers about writing. Join Read more


Why I Write: 6 Questions with the NWP for National Day on Writing

Valerie Everett:

The National Writing Project (which revolutionized my teaching and writing life) invited me to participate in their events for the national day on writing, October 20. Yay!

So cruise over here and read my responses to the six questions … Read more


Thinking about a book’s “other” audience (or: Could What Can’t Wait be “the” TFA novel?)


Somebody recently asked me this question: “Besides teens, who do you think is the most important audience for What Can’t Wait?”

Good question. Here’s my answer: What Can’t Wait wants to be read by middle school and high school … Read more


Climbing Maggie’s Bookshelf: is WCW an “issue” novel?

Here’s the link to a guest post I did for Maggie’s Bookshelf in which I muse about what kind of issue novel What Can’t Wait would be if it were an issue novel and reveal how come there’s no glossary … Read more


Thinking with reviewers, part 1: Katie on family in WHAT CAN’T WAIT

(This week, I’m working through recent angst over one reviewer’s comments by doing two posts on positive experiences responding to reviewers.)

Yeah, sometimes writers feel about as enthusiastic about having their work reviewed as the little guy in the picture … Read more


Glogster as extra credit? Fine by me!

I didn’t know about back when I was teaching in Houston in 2004. Actually, I bet that it didn’t yet exist. But anyway, this online poster-making tool just screams “extra-credit.” I’m guessing that the poster for What Can’t Wait Read more


Cornered by the NWP (Author’s Corner interview with the National Writing Project)

Today, check out this “Author’s Corner” interview with the National Writing Project. Back in 2005, I spent a transformative summer with the Greater Houston Area Writing Project. The NWP helped me learn how to write with my students, which paved … Read more


Interview and Review at Sarah Laurence’s blog

Hey, today I’m over at Sarah Laurence’s blog talking about What Can’t Wait, writing, and my nerdiness. Sarah also reviews What Can’t Wait today. Stop by and show some love in the comment section!

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