Video Response: Talking Back to Angry Texas Mom Whose Tirade Got OUT OF DARKNESS Banned

I think I’ll just let the video speak for itself. Fed up with school book bans and school board meetings that look like day-time talk shows. Even more fed up with the resulting attacks on authors, librarians, and teachers. Beyond fed up with what all of this means for students.



  1. Carol Doughty

    Thank you for this video, Ms Perez. Out of Darkness is one of the best books I’ve ever read. I listened to it first, then ordered three hard copies. One is for me; the other two are Christmas gifts. One goes to my daughter, living in Columbus! Anyway, Kara Bell is a Q-Anon nut who was arrested for shoving a Nordstrom Rack employee and refusing to mask. She defied the cops too so they cuffed her on the ground (video went viral). She lost the school board seat by a landslide. As Mr. Karr said, this is about the far-right conservatives getting press. Kara didn’t read your book. She has no idea about Naomi and Wash and the twins. I can’t believe our school board pulled the books out of two schools for review. The tik-tok videos her kids watch are so much worse than anything they’d read in this book. We’ve got your back here and are having some fun with this whackadoo.

    Please write a sequel to OOD, making Naomi and Wash’s death a bad dream that Beto was having!

    Thank you for writing such a wonderful book. You are a force with the pen…

    Carol Doughty
    Lakeway, TX


  2. Utah school district bans Out of Darkness…


  3. Hi Ms. Perez,

    I love this… And a big Thank You for standing up to these small minded people who’ve never actually read your book. It saddens and frankly pisses me off that states like Texas and Utah have banned your book claiming its references to sex and abuse are too explicit. Give me a break!!!
    You continue writing in the beautiful way you do! Here in CA, your books are appreciated and admired.


  4. I just saw the NPR article, read the first few (utterly compelling) pages, and promptly ordered a copy. Can’t wait to read it.


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