Rock & Roll YA Fans, Take Note: ARE YOU EXPERIENCED? Hits Shelves

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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that I loved Jordan Sonnenblick’s Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie and After Ever After. I don’t often connect to–or think about–middle grade books for even a fraction of the time that these books held my head and my heart.

Any new book from Jordan is reason enough for excitement, but I’m especially stoked for the release date of Are You Experienced? because it’s squarely in the world of YA and sounds pretty fantastic. Here’s a bit ripped from the fabulous Kirkus review of the book:

When 15-year-old Rich Barber travels back in time from 2014 to the 1969 Woodstock festival, he encounters the ’60s, including his teenage father….  Together, they witness Woodstock’s free love, rampant drug use and incredible music. When Rich learns his father had abusive parents, he’s determined to “meet Jimi Hendrix, save [his] uncle and change [his] father’s future.” Alternating his first-person narration between past and present, Rich proves a sensitive, insightful and humorous 21st-century guide to the hippie generation’s most iconic event. This provocative, personal peek at legendary Woodstock rocks.

Provocative, eh? And folks, do notice that this latest book of Jordan’s is coming out with Feiwel & Friends, which I take to mean that it may have a bit more of an edge than what Jordan’s been able to get away with at Scholastic in the past. (Then again, maybe not everyone is trying to see what they can get away with!)

This book looks to be a fabulous pick for libraries, classrooms–and the music-loving teens in your world. So head to your favorite local bookseller to snag Are You Experienced? I’ve just put an order in for it at our library, and I’ll report back once I get my hands on it! Until then, you can snack on this excerpt courtesy of Feiwel & Friends.


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