Azael’s Secrets & an excerpt from TK&TB

Welcome to Day 2 of the The Knife and the Butterfly blog tour! Today I’m over at Reading in Color, hosted by Ari. (Watch out, y’all, this gal is going places, starting with college next fall. She was the first to mention What Can’t Wait online, and I’ll never forget the jolt that gave me. Someone is talking about wanting to read my book!) I share the first chapter and a few reassuring words about stereotypes and their fate in the pages of The Knife and the Butterfly. For example…

In the first chapter, I wanted to throw down the gauntlet—no easing the reader into Azael’s world. But don’t worry: it’s not all gangs and violence. And in fact, if I let Azael’s bravado come on full force here—he definitely thinks he is one macho badass—it’s precisely so that the reader can see that stereotype undo itself in the rest of the novel.

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