A Paris Thanksgiving

Arnulfo Pérez

We did pretty well with our dinner abroad!

Last week we celebrated our first major holiday here in Paris–Thanksgiving! We had a bit of an adventure just finding our usual staples like canned pumpkin. Maybe for Christmas we’ll try to make our meal with all French ingredients, but this time around we needed our familiar Libby pumpkin and Pepperidge Farm stuffing.

It was a little strange being the only ones gearing up for a holiday… for everyone else here, Thursday was just another day, but we worked hard to preserve that Thanksgiving specialness composed of family, food, and gratitude.

The turkey was prepared rotisserie style by our friendly neighborhood butcher. It cost us 40 Euros (!!), but it was delicious. After getting over his initial skepticism, Liam gobbled up heaps of dark and light meat. The sweet potato stuffing and mashed potatoes were ignored by this little food critic, though.

The aftermath of our meal. Well, boys, I might not be making 10 gallons of chicken soup, but how about some turkey stew?

A piece of Arnie’s pumpkin pie and my oatmeal cookies to be shared with Liam’s nursery school teacher.


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