My Smitten (Paris) Kitchen

Our Paris kitchen.

Welcome to our Paris kitchen! It’s not large, but it is lovely. Since arriving, we’ve been preparing many (mostly simple) meals in our little space with ingredients from the produce market and grocery stores nearby. My recent favorites: crêpes and a strawberry summer cake, both from the Smitten Kitchen blog.

You can see the last of the strawberry summer cake in the picture above–it’s on the left near the big ole jug of water. As for the crêpes, I have always assumed they must be nearly impossible since I struggle to flip a pancake and they’re a dazillion times thinner, but the crêpe batter turns out to be much more elastic. So it isn’t that hard to turn them over without tearing them.

By the way, you can trust Smitten Kitchen to spare you from bewilderment (the kind that can descend into My Drunk Kitchen hilarity and mayhem). Plenty of gorgeous photos and those real step-by-step instructions for real people that tell you how to arrange your cooking process so that it doesn’t take a freaking lifetime.

Yay for Paris and our small but smitten kitchen!


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