Deception Revealed: My Fear of Drive-bys

So last Friday I started a round of two truths and a lie, and here is the lie:

(1) At 7, I chose the bedroom farthest away from the street because I was afraid of being tempted to sneak out of the house when I was older.

The truth is that I chose the bedroom farthest away from the street because I was afraid of drivebys. Let me point out that this was a deeply irrational fear, given that Kilgore, Texas, is not exactly known for this particular sort of violence. I’m not even sure where I got the idea of drivebys… but I am sure of this: I was perfectly willing to sacrifice my older brother, Justin, who took the front bedroom and–in my imagination–would slow down the bullets coming my way. 

Horrible, I know. I still feel guilty about that. What kind of sister does that?!

As for the truths, both of which were IDed by some readers as the lie, let me explain.

(2) At 15, I advanced to state in a photography competition with an image entitled, “Hangin’ like a Hose.”

This really did happen, and I really did have that absurd title. It was a still life of the side of a shed, and there was a garden hose looped over a hook. My photography teacher at the time suggested the title, and I really didn’t have any better ideas. Sigh. I wish I had gone with “Still Life #348” or something.

(3) At 18, I got my first ticket in Austin, TX, for a curfew violation at Mt. Bonnell Park.

There may not be a city-wide curfew in Austin, but apparently this is what they write on the ticket when you are in a city park after sundown. Unfortunately for me and my love interest of the time, it’s difficult to know that the park closes at sundown if you arrive after sundown and the sign isn’t illuminated. My first brush with the law. Not very dramatic, eh?


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