My Must Haves and Can’t Stands Revealed: the list that started it all…

Yeah, yeah, you know you wanted to see my list after that tantalizing post about the must haves and the can’t stands. So here it is. BTW, Arnulfo is wonderful in about twenty gazillion more ways than I could ever put on a list. But I’m glad I had something to get me started seeing him as the gem he is.


1. Respect

2. Integrity and a strong work ethic

3. Curiosity (intellectual and emotional)

4. Passion about something deeper (religion, ethics, philosophy, literature …)

5. Concern for relationships and family (not just ours)

6. Sense of humor/warmth

7. Emotional honesty

8. Health (making an effort)


1. Laziness

2. Detachment

3. Holding grudges or shifting blame

4. Treating others badly

5.·Overt bragging

6.·Argumentative nature


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