Secret Weapon for Writing: Lap Animals

Sugar helps me with some reading.

When all else fails to keep you in your chair to do the writing, head down to the Humane Society and get yourself a cuddly lap pet. I love it when our cat, Sugar Mama, curls up and falls asleep in my lap because it takes away the temptation to get up and mess around when I should be working. Of course, this was a much better strategy BEFORE I had a baby, but it might still work for those of you who are not yet knee-deep in the joys of parenting.

Even now, though, if I stay up late writing after my boys have gone to bed, Sugar stays up with me. She keeps her little kitty vigil. Writing is a little less lonely because of her, and I like to think that even if she doesn’t know what I’m doing exactly, she knows it’s important enough to skimp on sleep.

When I’m stuck in my writing, nothing helps more than taking a break to snuggle, and Sugar is always available. (No new mom in her right mind would wake up her baby just to snuggle… those minutes when they’re sleeping are precious!) 

So, Sugar, this post’s for you. I know life has been a bit different since Liam showed up, but I also hope you know how much you mean to us. Would you like a cameo appearance in the next novel?


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