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Robyn Lee:

What I’d love to give the teachers of the world…

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to bake and give away cookies. Teachers, if I could bake for you all, I’d be serving you a big ole stack of cookies like this one. Since I can’t, here’s my second-best: a new section on my site with resources for teaching with What Can’t Wait. Teachers, dig in! Friends, pass this on to the English teachers in your life. 

My favorite flavor, ahem, teaching resource? The Planning for the Future unit!

And guess why? While working with my students one college and scholarship essays, I wrote the first draft of what ended up being Marisa’s essay in Chapter 5 of What Can’t Wait. This is just one of the amazing things that can happen when teachers write with their students.

A lot of students’ resistance to writing breaks down when they see that every time you ask them to write, you do it, too. And it’s automatic modeling–both of effective strategies and of the fact that even teachers have to “cook” their ideas to get at something really good. Curious about how to make this kind of dynamic work? Here’s a peek at another teacher’s work at modeling and engaging in the writing process with her students (pssst! chock full of strategies!). And while you’re at it, learn more about authentic writing with students, find a National Writing Project site near you, and explore treasure troves of teaching and writing resources at the NWP website.


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