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Reader’s Question: How did you get noticed as a writer?

Q: How did you get yourself noticed and your work out there? Did you ever feel like your writing wasn’t good enough?*

All writers feel like their writing is not good enough. If they didn’t, they’d never slave over it … Read more


Suspense and Tension: You Need Lots of Layers for a 300-Page Striptease

Like most writers I’ve worked with in workshops and writing groups, I tend to think too much about when I’m going to tell my readers something. Instead, we should be asking ourselves, how long can we go without telling our … Read more


Making the shy speak: Quiet characters

I have a problem: one of the main characters of my new novel-in-progress is shy, quiet, tongue-tied. She’s also passionate, secretly sensual, and fiercely dedicated to what she cares about. But how do I get her to speak? What does … Read more


Reader’s Question: What to do when other passions get in the way of writing?

Q: I have a hard time balancing my love of photography and my love of writing. Is there something else you enjoy doing that sometimes gets in the way of your writing?*

A: Um, yes! I had almost exactly the … Read more


Getting inside an Explosion

There is an explosion in my new (third) novel. How do I write it?

It’s strange the things we manage to draw on when we’re writing. I reckon that the shock I felt when I had a small-scale kitchen explosionRead more


Five reasons NOT to self-publish your novel as an e-book

I know, I know, self-publishing e-books is all the rage. Who wouldn’t like a bigger cut of their profits? Who wouldn’t like to see their book “out there” as quickly as possible? Who wouldn’t like to be the next success … Read more


Writing Inspiration: Feel THEIR words from YOUR pen

Let’s say you want to write but you’re stuck. Blocked. Nothing’s coming out. But you can’t just sit there.

So try this:

(1) Get down a favorite book from your shelf. Find a passage you really admire. 

(2) Write it … Read more


Reader’s Question: How do you beat writer’s block?

Q: What do you do about writer’s block? How do you combat it?*

A: My best strategy for beating writer’s block is preventing it. I try to set myself up for success by being very casual about what I’m going … Read more


How to Starve Your Brain to Make It Create

Here’s today crazy idea for creativity in a nutshell: deprive yourself of everything interesting and stimulating to force your brain to generate something interesting of its own.

Before you get too amazed or weirded out on me, let me announce … Read more


Leftover Halloween Candy (from ten years ago)

When I was searching for a photo of my black-eyed “P” costume, I stumbled across this poem from a college writing class in 2001. It makes me feel really old to think that this was 10 years ago. Anyway, here … Read more

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