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Unsolicited relationship advice: must haves and can’t stands

I can’t help it. Nobody asked for advice, but I have to share the strategy that–in addition to divine intervention–helped me realize that my best friend (and husband) Arnulfo was the only man for me.

First we have to go … Read more


Keeping Things Whole

Today, I treat you to a favorite poem by Mark Strand, “Keeping Things Whole.” It goes everywhere with me in the pocket of my writer’s notebook. It’s mostly memorized. I still remember where I was sitting when I first read … Read more


From my writer’s notebook: What Alan wants

Here’s a game I sometimes play to think about what’s going on with a character. I ask myself, “What does [insert character’s name here] want?” Then I write down what I think they want. Then I say to myself, “Now, come … Read more

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