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HAPPY FAMILIES is the antidote to the “I’m Christian unless…” disease

The short version of my post today is this: anyone who has been moved, intrigued, or otherwise affected by the “I’m Christian Unless You’re Gay” essay by Dan Pearce (aka Single Dad Laughing) NEEDS to read Tanita S. Davis’s newest book, … Read more


Authors for Henryville

Why “Authors for Henryville”? Read on:

On March 2nd, tornados ripped through Southern Indiana, killing 14 people and devastating several communities. Among the towns that were practically erased from the map was the small community of Henryville. Its elementary, middle, Read more


Disaster Preparedness: Chocolate Burns, Ashley Learns

I like to think of myself as a sensible person. In practice, though, I seem to be guilty of thoughtlessness far more often than I’d like to admit. And sometimes it burns.


A couple of weeks ago, after teaching … Read more


Debates in education everyone should care about: Critique of the Common Core (and why we might need it anyway)

I just read a scathing critique of the coming Common Core standards, which would propose to standardize education across the nation. Since I’m not in the public school classroom at the moment–and I’m not even in the U.S.–I’ve been pretty … Read more


An Open Letter to Parents Who Worry about What Their Teens Write

A little while back a mom emailed me because she was worried about the topics her teen daughter was choosing to write about (including incest, violence, and other uncomfy topics). Since then, I’ve gotten a few similar letters, so I … Read more


A real question: does social media make being a teen easier or harder?

 A question for the universe: does social media make being a teen easier or harder?

I’m guessing this is one of those questions that tends to have “yes and no” as its most honest answer.

Here’s how I figure it.… Read more


Indie Movies for Independence Day: Social Struggle, Foreign, and Lost Worlds

It’s Independence Day, so here’s a serving of my favorite independent(ish) films to help you celebrate. For the purpose of this article, “indie” will mean “outside of the mainstream aesthetic,” even if the film was made by a studio inside … Read more


Why Nobody Cared When FDR Wore a Dress

A article on gendering trends in clothing, “When Did Girls Start Wearing Pink?,” has me thinking about lots of things–from how I dress my son to how I portray children in my novels. Here’s the article’s answer … Read more


The YA world responds to Gurdon, but are we preaching to the choir?

Last week, Meghan Cox Gurdon’s article “Darkness Too Visible” denounced YA lit as trying to “bulldoze coarseness or misery” into children’s lives. Gurdon gets YA wrong on so many levels, and the kidlit world noticed. Massively. Most responses have been smart … Read more


Rant: No accent mark for Liam

Another rant. Liam turns ONE year old in about two weeks, and since he was born, we’ve been trying to get his name recorded properly on his birth certificate. We’ve been all over the place and even had an ACLU … Read more

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