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Now Go Write: style in the sentence

To help YOU go write today, I’ll share my number 1, go-to method of getting my style muscles in condition.

There is something to be said for having a shock-proof shit detector that can be turned “off” for the purposes … Read more


Finishing a draft: the moment before the drop

For me a first draft is like that impossibly slow climb to the top of a roller coaster… a roller coaster from hell that keeps getting higher and higher so that you spend WEEKS thinking, I’m almost there… I’m just … Read more


Scrivener Fall-out (NOT a falling out)

Anybody who’s remotely paying attention should know that I love Scrivener. I’m near evangelical about its virtues for everything from novel-writing to blog-touring to academic blah organizing. (Yes, my academic blahs need to be organized.)

But there’s something that … Read more


Writing Hungry

I’m in the middle of living something new: writing hungry.

I’ve always seen the idea of the starving artist as an unnecessary cliché, but I’m as close as I will likely ever be to living it. (I certainly hope this … Read more


Good company for thinking about race in novels

Who else is thinking about race in fiction AND has battled evil garden invaders?

The answer is…. Justine Larbalestier* (psst, that asterisk means “see memorial footnote below”)! On her blog this week, she has a great post about handling raceRead more


In Texas, school segregation came in shades

You know about the segregation of black school children in the Jim Crow era, but do you know how it affected the Mexican American community?

For my third novel, I have done a lot of research about the experiences of … Read more


Reading Pregnancy: A non-fiction friend for WHAT CAN’T WAIT

I don’t teach high school anymore, but I can’t break the habit of looking for companion texts for books (my own and other). A while back, this description of The Pregnancy Project came across my screen via the School Library JournalRead more


How to do it like Bach: Counterpoint in Writing

Something that I’m working on in novel #3 is keeping various lines in the plot going at the same time while also creating meaningful connections between these lines. In music, this is called counterpoint. (Disclaimer, y’all: I’m no musician. In fact, … Read more


Remember this book? I hope Anthony does…

There it is, What Can’t Wait, my first-born, looking sweet on a Houston book shelf. It’s also the focus of attention–after being elbowed aside by her loud and proud little brother, The Knife and the Butterfly, who has … Read more


Ouch! Ash bites!

For the record, I’m hugely honored to have a guest post over at Bites today. To see what I mean, check out Donna’s HILARIOUS post on “why your emails get deleted unanswered.” From this, authors sound like a pack … Read more

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